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    Feel free to send us any questions you may have. We are happy to answer them.

    Postal Address
    8901 Marmora Road,
    Glasgow, D04 89GR.
    Phone Number
    +1 800 559 6580
    Email Address
    [email protected]
    Opening Hours
    Monday - Saturday:
    8am - 9pm
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    The benefits of investing on education ( any kind of education) are not only knowledge. It extends to improve the quality of life, being more confident and develop the skills to find new opportunities, new experienced that eventually can lead you to have a better quality of life.

    We are thankful for all of you that have send your letters for the opportunity to be part of our training. We are sending our responses today by 6pm.

    **Registration for training still open, early bird special is about to end, register now and save!

    Make it happen, we are here to support you!

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    After multiple attempts to be part of the teacher training at CVYC, my availability and their schedule finally aligned and I was able to get trained by Jano Galindo, Susie Prestidge, and Ashley Disharoon. Covid brought on many challenges for this cohort but Maria and all the staff at CVYC were very flexible and accommodating.

    I decided to obtain the 200hr teacher training because of the many benefits I knew it would bring to my personal practice and to my teaching in the classroom. I have been able to implement what I learned in my classroom by practicing yoga with my 5th graders and with some of the teachers I work with. In addition to all the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits that the practice has brought, the training brought me closer to the very supportive yoga community that this place cultivates. I am hoping to maintain my practice with more training in the future!

    Mariela Contreras
    Student and Educator


    Conscious Nutrition with @jackie_ibanez is Saturday March 26th 1-3pm at @chulavistayogacenter

    Join Jackie for an afternoon of Mindful movement & nutrition.

    •NUTRITION 101•

    You don’t want to miss it!!

    ✨Happy Wednesday✨

    We are 5 weeks away from beginning our yoga immersion teacher training here at Chula Vista yoga center!

    We have a solid group joining us already & we want to gift the opportunity to one students to join the training through a half paid scholarship!

    If this is you, send us a letter to the email in the post answering the questions listed. Letters will be received from March 16th-March 23rd!

    We will be reaching out March 24th-25th!

    🙏🏾✨May your vision on joining this experience manifest ✨🙏🏾


    • An expression to offer gratitude to self and all. This hand posture helps calm the mind to create better focus, it activates the heart & and third eye chakra to bring balance within. #anjalimudra #meditation #handposture #yoga #asana #pranayama #offering #expression #prayerhands #chulavista #chulvistayogacenter #cvyc #thirdavenuevillage #yogisofcvyc #20yearsofyoga

    We are 7 weeks out from our 2022 Yoga immersion training with @janogalindo starting April 22nd!

    If this is an experience you would like to take part in, don’t hesitate. It is a great opportunity to deepen your practice, learn more about the practice of yoga & grow as an individual.

    Our launch price is now LIVE! Save $300 when you sign up between 3/4-3/19.

    The next INFO SESSION IS: Saturday Mach 12th at 11am, we hope to see you!

    For more information visit our website, go follow @janogalindo and click the link in his bio, or send us a DM! ✨🙏🏾

    “Yoga asanas are the practical way to control the mind through controlling the breath. Asanas ( physical movement ) is only one part of the 8 steps/ limbs of yoga. Any person, who practices assiduously all the yoga asanas will attain perfection be he young, old or even very old sickly and weak.”- Hatha Yoga Pradipika
    Throughout the years we’ve noticed that some of our students join our training program to become Yoga Teachers. Another group of students join our program to understand and have more knowledge about this ancient practice, the philosophy behind our yoga practice and to open up to new possibilities.

    In reality, you know where you are, you know what to do and how much work needs to be done. The perfect timing for a training is always a challenge in our daily, busy, lives, family etc.. If this is your time, we’ll be here for you to answer any questions or concerns.

    ••Yoga Immersion Training Pre-sale ending in a few days! Follow the link to save your spot ! ••

    Monday’s Evening offerings:

    4:30pm Rocket with @saira_alexis

    6:15pm Vinyasa with a Moises Buhain

    📸 @ricksaaproductions
    #yoga #weekendvibes #yogaforlife #yogatraining #yogalove #sandiego#yogi #sdstyle #om #omnamahshivaya #deepenyourpractice #becomeayogateacher #bereceptive #becompassionate #chulavista#yogacommunity #keepsupporting #keepgoing #yogapractice #yogateacher #yogapose #yogainspiration #believe #yougotthis #doit

    The yogi conquers the body by the practice of asanas and makes it a fit vehicle for the spirit.

    The yogi know that it is a necessary vehicle for the spirit, for a soul without a body is like a bird deprived of its power to fly ~ B.K.S Iyengar

    Downward dog is a basic inversion Asana. This Asana is one that gets us to the next step in practice.

    -INVERSIONS 101 will begin here, learning foundations, use of energy ( breath) , proper alignment and muscle activation to become stronger in all ways.

    Joins @saira_alexis this weekend and take part in this fun & complete offering.

    SATURDAY FEBRUARY 26th, 12pm-2pm at @chulavistayogacenter

    Yoga immersion testimonial: Inspiring words from one of our student, now teacher here at cvyc @arianainmotion

    ✨Yoga immersion training is a program designed to deepen our practice and knowledge. It is a transformative experience that helps us grow as individuals & where we learn tools to apply to our practice/teaching and our everyday life.

    “In the beginning it is all very wonderful: ‘Ah, yes I can do asanas, pranayama,etc,’ but then suddenly you come to that big bush in your path and you don’t know in which direction to go. If somehow you come out of the bush, you come next to a swamp. Some students disappear in the quicksand and never come out. Perhaps they see a beautiful girl or a handsome man and get married, and oh, they want to enjoy their life with children, home and family, and swallowed by Maya (illusion), their spiritual purpose completely forgotten.”- Swami Vishnudevananda

    Yoga Immersion Training Info session with @janogalindo Happening this Friday @ 11am

    Join us for our information session and you’ll be entered in our contest for a
    *see previous post for details.

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    The 200hr Yoga Immersion with @janogalindo begins APRIL/22/22 click the link in bio for more info

    To celebrate we are having a GIVEAWAY CONTEST!


    Here is how to enter:
    1•follow @janogalindo
    2•follow @chulavistayogacenter
    3•Sing up for @janogalindo email list ( visit his profile and click the link in bio)
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    5•Tag a friend in the comments


    We have some exciting news!! ⬇️

    Join us for our Yoga Immersion Program, coming soon!
    Pre-Sale and Registration is now open.

    This training program is for yoga practitioners that want to understand and go deeper into their yoga practice. Of course, it is also designed for aspiring yoga teachers who desire to earn their yoga certification. If you practice yoga, if yoga has touched you in any way...this training is for you!

    The program consists of 4 parts:

    -Yoga Humanities: History of Yoga, Sanskrit and Yoga philosophy.

    -Anatomy & Physiology covering biomechanics, all the major systems of the body, general considerations and student safety.

    -Professional essentials covering ethics & equity, teaching methodology, sequencing foundations, adapting to student needs and professional development.

    -Yoga techniques including breath and pranayama, mudras, asanas, meditations and mantras.

    INFO SESSION FEBRUARY 18TH AT 11AM at @chulavistayogacenter #cvyc #yogatraining #yogaimmersion #yoga #philosophy #eightlimbs #growth #pranayama #asana #anatmoy #selfdiscovery #alignment #community #union #potential #practice #janogalindoyoga #chulavistayogacenter #chulavista #lululemon #yogaalliance #RYTT #200

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