Find Your Dharma


Our purpose is to give you the tools to understand
Yoga and It’s transformative powers.
If you practice yoga asana, or if yoga has touched your life in any way, this training
is for you. If you are an aspiring yoga instructor, this training is also for you.
The training is designed for yoga practitioners that want to understand and go
deeper into their yoga practice. Of course, it is also designed for aspiring yoga
teachers and any yoga student that wants to find their Dharma (purpose in life).
We’ll go deeper into the history and lineage of yoga, rituals, meditation,
pranayama, anatomy of the body, yogic philosophy, yoga asana practice and

TT training curriculum to include:

-History of yoga.
-Yoga Philosophy.
-Yoga Anatomy.
-Intro to prenatal.
-Intro to restorative.
-Posture Clinics.
-75 Min skeletal class for all levels.

Find Your Dharma

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