Ashley has been teaching yoga to both adults and children since acquiring her certification in 2010 through Kristyan Stjerne and Jano Galindo at the Chula Vista Yoga Center.  If you have taken class with Ash you have most likely met one, or all of her three kids, since she’s worn each of them on her back as babies to class. The visual of her with a baby on her back while teaching is a great representation of her teaching style: never leaving anyone behind, while inspiring true connection and union through practice.  Ashley has a deep love for her kids, yoga, animals and cacao.  She is a Chula Vista native that has also lived and learned in Costa Rica.  Ashley credits a huge part of her love for sharing superfoods to working with her great friend, Peace Pies owner/head chef, JP Alfred, since 2013.  Yoga at the Chula Vista Yoga Center has been an absolute life changer for Ash since beginning her practice in 2008 and transmuting some really difficult life challenges into a light journey.  Ashley loves serving her community and honoring God and her teachers/lineage by sharing yoga, cacao and hugs with everyone she meets.